Varsity LOST 2017: Cambridge Team

9 a.m. Sat 4th Nov - 9 a.m. Sun 5th Nov

You're dropped in a mystery location hundreds of miles away from Cambridge. You have 24 hours to race Oxford back to your home cities with your teammates. But- and here's the catch- you can't spend any money along the way... so how will YOU get home?

The hitchhiking hit event LOST is back, and the Varsity competition is bigger than ever. The perfect way to escape the bubble and raise money for charity, LOST will be 24 hours of adrenaline-fuelled adventures with outrageous challenges to complete along the way. Signups close on the 28th, with early bird prices until the 11th, so sign up now to have one of the most fun and crazy days of the year!

Are you ready to get LOST?


Emma Toms on behalf of
Cambridge RAG

Cambridge Uni's largest charitable society - raising money (£100k each year) by bringing you events like Jailbreak, Blind Date, challenges and much more!

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