RAG Secret Santa

noon Thu 15th Nov - noon Sun 25th Nov

Spread the love this Bridgemas with RAG Secret Santa!

Fill in our form telling us a bit about yourself and your favourite things, and we'll match you up with a Secret Santa from another college who will find the perfect gift for you. We'll also give you someone else's form so you can put on your Santa hat and find a present to fill their heart with joy!

Tickets cost £5 which goes entirely towards RAG's ten wonderful charities (read more about them here: https://www.cambridgerag.or...). We suggest a budget of £10 for your Secret Santa gift and we'll be in touch about how you can have your present collected and delivered to the recipient.


Stephen Cole on behalf of
Cambridge RAG

Cambridge Uni's largest charitable society - raising money (£100k each year) by bringing you events like Jailbreak, Blind Date, challenges and much more!

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