The Countdown Fashion Show

Thursday 6th December
7 p.m. - 9 p.m.

This December, UCL MODO fashion society is bringing you a unique celebration where creativity will meet responsibility. As we all know, the clock is ticking and every day counts towards the impact that can be made to improve the state of our planet. The fashion industry is a major polluter with overproduction and waste being only a couple of its many flaws. You can help us limit this impact by supporting the movement of sustainable fashion and raising awareness of its potential. In our December show we will be showcasing UCL’s best designers’ and guests brands unique, recycled and up-cycled, sustainable collections. Expect an inspirational night where you will not only be told, but shown that there are ways to fix the fashion industry before the countdown ends.

Fire Vauxhall 44 Parry St, London SW8 1RU

Jeremy Yao on behalf of
UCL Modo Fashion Society

MODO Fashion Society is based in UCL and represents fashion enthusiasts around London. We specialise in fashion design, modelling, event production and PR. Every year we host a Fashion Show showcasing London's up and coming designer and model talent, where all the proceeds are given to charity. We welcome any beginner or advanced designers, models, fashion journalists and we are thrilled to guide every single one of these individuals to thrive in whatever field of the society suits their mind as well as ensure that it is done in a responsible and sustainable way.

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