RAG Blind Date

Tuesday 12th February
5 p.m. - 10 p.m.

RAG Blind Date is back this year with our ‘First Dates’ Reality TV edition - all you have to do is pay a £5 donation to charity, fill out a form and tell us your ‘type on paper’!

A college rep will pidge the form to you shortly after you purchase it via Agora. The form hand-in deadline is the 5th February so be sure to give yours in to your college reps before then.

You’ll receive the form of your assigned date ahead of ‘RAG Blind Date’ day on the 12th Feb- be sure to bring your form to Cindies after for discounted entry!

A reminder that RAG operates a no-tolerance policy towards offensive content - any forms which contain offensive content will be disqualified from Blind Date.

(This event is for Cambridge University students only)

Cambridge University

Izzy Sanders on behalf of
Cambridge RAG

Cambridge Uni's largest charitable society - raising money (£100k each year) by bringing you events like Jailbreak, Blind Date, challenges and much more!

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