Wolfson College May Ball 2019 - L'EXTASE -


This event has passed

Friday 21st June - Saturday 22nd June | 7 p.m. - 9 a.m.

About the Wolfson May Ball:-

Distant laughter, indistinct chatter and faded music are allegedly still heard within College walls. Although the raving Vikings left last year’s Valhalla long ago, the illusion of a never-ending party has stayed. The 2019 Wolfson May Ball Committee is applying all its force and imagination to enliven those illusions. Upbeat music, lavish food, unquenchable drinks but first and foremost: an unforgettable party. One word is on all lips: L’Extase. Dare to enter the dream and leave the constraints of reality at the door. For one night, Wolfson college will exist outside the realm of logic and take you beyond reality, in a surrealist dreamscape fuelled by audacity and poetry.

Information regarding tickets-:

- Tickets can ONLY be purchased by students and staff of University of Cambridge either for themselves and/or their guests. When buying for guests, please put in YOUR CRSid and College as theirs.

- There is NO LIMIT as to the number of tickets that can be purchased except Early Bird Tickets and Bursary Tickets which are restricted to a maximum of two and one respectively.

- For all queries, please contact the Ticketing Officer directly at ticket@wolfsonmayball.com or via our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wo...

- All available tickets are NON-DINNER.

- Early Bird tickets are open to college members only. Wolfson College members who wish to buy tickets for their guests must either buy a Standard Ticket or a VIP Ticket. When buying for guests, please put in YOUR CRSid and College as theirs.

- Kindly read the Wolfson College May Ball 2019 Terms & Conditions carefully before purchasing a ticket. By purchasing a Ticket, you agree to the Terms & Conditions.

- All Ticket Holders must be 18 years or above on the event day.

- Only students who receive the full Cambridge Bursary are eligible for bursary tickets. Documentation will be required upon wristband collection.

Tickets available from 2019 Wolfson College May Ball Committee