LOST 2019

9 a.m. Sat 9th Nov - 9 a.m. Sun 10th Nov

LOST is a charity event where teams of 2 or 3 are dropped off in a mystery location somewhere in the UK and given 24 hours to get themselves back to Cambridge. The catch? Teams can’t spend any of their own money – they have to rely on the generosity of the public to make their way back – through donations or free rides. You choose whether you wish to use planes, trains or cars – previous teams have sweet-talked bus drivers, busked to raise money for train tickets, or hitchhiked their way back home. And, in traditional RAG event way, everyone will be wearing fancy dress.

On their way back, teams can earn points by completing as many challenges as possible. These challenges are given to them on the day and range from making your own sandwich at Subway to blagging a ride in a helicopter. Points earned from completing challenges, along with the speed of your return and total money raised, help decide who wins the much-coveted prize...

Check out the website https://www.cambridgerag.or... for more information!

Cambridge, UK

Emmanouil Angelidakis on behalf of
Cambridge RAG

Cambridge Uni's largest charitable society - raising money (£100k each year) by bringing you events like Jailbreak, Blind Date, challenges and much more!

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