RAG Blind Date

Thursday 13th February
6 p.m. - 11 p.m.

RAG Blind Date is back for 2020! Buy a form, complete it, hand it back to College reps BY 5th February and get back a date's form soon after!

The nominal day for your RAG Blind Date is Thursday, 13th February... but you are welcome to go on your date at any time!

You can bribe for a more specific date according to one of four categories (shown as separate tickets)

Accessible forms and deal info is available at: https://www.cambridgerag.or...

To find the contact details of College Reps, search the reps contact info tab of the following sheet:


Cambridge RAG on behalf of
Cambridge RAG

Cambridge Uni's largest charitable society - raising money (£100k each year) by bringing you events like Jailbreak, Blind Date, challenges and much more!

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