The MDs Comedy Revue Society

The MDs Comedy Revue is one of many arts societies at UCL. We are a group of fabulously fun medical students who write, direct, and perform a hilarious variety of songs, sketches, shows alongside our studies.

On New Years Day 1898, an intrepid group of UCL medical students and doctors ventured onto the wards of the Middlesex Hospital to bring some festive cheer to those spedning Christmas in hospital.
From those humble acorns mighty oaks have grown. Over a hundred years on, the "Manic Depressives" as they came to be known are still entertaining sell-out crowds with their award-winning comedy.

What we do
Meeting at university, we all get together on a regular basis throughout the year. Some highlights include:
Touring our rehearsals to a yearly secret venue for a weekend of madness and polishing off sketches
Performing our annual charity christmas show to sellout audiences
Retaining our title as the funniest London medical comedy society at the annual United Hospitals comedy competition (2009, 2013 and current winners)
Taking out sketches to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Together we bring stomach-stiches to stages across the country with our performances and become life-long friends with our extensive alumni network.

Fresh from our debut Edinburgh Fringe run and current United Hospitals Comedy Revue Champions for the 2nd year running (meaning we’re the funniest damn medics in London!), come along to a show and take the plunge with auditions in September!

'The Ectopic Beats'
The MDs wouldn't be complete without its very own in-house band, tackling a challenging and varied repertoire including pop, rock and jazz. Without the band, the shows wouldn't be as full and immersive as they are. Want to play along with us? Talk to the band or get in touch!

Technical Team
We’re not just about looking for performers though. We pride ourselves on our very own fantastic stage and tech team. They ensure flawless performances at Christmas for our main show, smaller basement sketch shows throughout the year and for our Edinburgh Fringe run too. They are absolutely key to our performances. Want to know how it all looks so professional? Talk to our stage and tech crew.

Of course where would we be without our fabulous writers too? Always on the hunt for the next Mitchell and Webb to walk through the Cruciform doors, our shows wouldn’t exist without someone to write them first. With regular sketch sessions, we’d love for you to join us and riff along as we produce some award winning material with your help!

The MDs are all about family. The society’s alumni that graduated decades ago are still coming back to see shows and join in with alumni dinners and after-show parties. Always looking out for each other and always about the laughs, come along and join us for good times to get you through medical school, memories that will stay with you forever and maybe even a laugh or two along the way.

How do I join
Anybody can join us and you can take part as a writer, technician, musician and/or actor and no prior experience is required! For more details on how to be part of this award-winning society steeped in tradition and laughter, see our website